Our 100+ years of collective litigation experience involves extensive participation in mediation and arbitration across all areas of our practice. We have not only mediated and arbitrated matters on behalf of clients on both the plaintiff and defense sides, we have also served as mediators and arbitrators across these same fields.

Mediation, if the matter is appropriate for it, is our preferred method of resolution as it gives our clients the means to take charge of their case and be directly involved in the discussion that moves it to resolution. We prepare our clients for mediation by giving them all the information they need, both positive and negative, that will impact their decision making. This information is provided and updated as the matter moves along, and is evaluated in-depth for the client in advance of mediation so that informed choices can be made.

Not all matters resolve, and arbitration is often a better choice than court as it affords the parties more control over the process that will result in a decision. We involve our clients in the decision to arbitrate, the selection of the arbitrator, and the arbitration process every step of the way.