We provide advice and counsel to real estate brokers, developers, homeowner associations, and property owners who are seeking practical solutions for real estate-related problems.

After evaluating the issues facing our client, we develop a strategy that will bring a successful and lasting resolution that will serve the client well moving forward.

Not every dispute needs to involve litigation. Often, direct negotiations or mediation, particularly when neighbors are involved, are our preferred methods for resolution as harmony between neighbors is critical to peaceful living and avoiding future disputes.

Whether new construction, defects, remodeling, problems with a contractor, or non-payment of a contractor, we have extensive experience in addressing and resolving these issues. We have handled construction defect disputes involving 180 unit, 60-building projects with alleged defects of over $11 million, and single-family homes with significantly less money involved, but no less important.

A strong and unwavering commitment to our clients and their interests has enabled us to have a successful real estate practice that achieves favorable and long-lasting results.

Our 25 plus years’ experience in real estate practice gives us the upper hand in many instances, as we have “been there, done that” and thus are able to be efficient in our handling of your matter, and offer solutions that are cost-effective, workable, and reasonable. This experience includes:

Purchase and Sale Transactions
– Non-disclosure
– Breach of contract
– Specific performance

Property Line Disputes
Partition of Property
Termination or enforcement of contracts
Title Disputes
Joint Ownership Issues
Construction Defects
Quiet Title Actions
Risk Management for Property Owners, Developers, and Homeowner Associations
Contract Drafting, Review, and Consultation
Contractor Disputes